Made with a delicious combination of 6 different botanicals, Fidra is a crystal clear, pure and fragrant gin with a slightly salty tang of the sea.

Whilst we are still working on a local source of juniper, provenance is important to us and summers are spent foraging and collecting the juiciest, most flavourful sea buckthorn and rosehip we can find among the sand dunes and hedgerows of the beautiful East Lothian coastline - and our lemon thyme is grown locally at Archerfield Walled Garden, ready to be freshly picked for each new batch of gin.

By the start of the summer our thyme will also be grown at Archerfield and we're hoping to be using locally foraged elderflower this year too.



 Our plan was to create a locally foraged gin, using a range of botanicals from the East Lothian coast.

We used the winter of 2017 to settle on our recipe, experimenting on a little 5 litre still, before calling on the help and expertise of Walter Mickelthwait from Inshriach Distillery in Aviemore (and his 150 litre still) to make our gin - but we do hope to be making Fidra Gin in East Lothian as soon as possible.

Fidra Gin was officially launched in September 2018.